Image from Con, a feature by Bertie Brosnan

CON is an Irish Indie Film written, directed and produced by Bertie Brosnan

Shot in the Capital of Kerry, Tralee and the surrounding picturesque areas, Con is a story about a semi-famous filmmaker and actor who agrees to feature in a documentary reuniting him with his estranged father after 25 years. The only issue is that he just completed a stint in rehab for alcohol abuse.

Produced in the same fashion as the hit TV Show “The Office” and other similar productions such as “Spinal Tap”. Con takes the mockumentary style but brings into a dramatic story albeit some moments of light humour.

A wonderful team and cast came together and helped produce this important film, please click on this link to find out who they are: IMDb Link


“Con” is introspective, protracted, well-acted, and wraps up well. It’s slow-paced, feeling long at only an hour and nine minutes; but if you have the patience for slow-crafted indies, you’ll likely find a film you can relate to.”

“In total, with its smartly conceived execution, entertaining characters, and relevant social statements it makes about celebrity and addiction, “Con” should stand as a worthy entry to the indie film arena, hopefully, appreciated for the sometimes quirky, but always lucid, character-based effort it is.”

“I thought it was outstanding. The acting was great and it was like watching real life.”

“Great piece of drama and nice concept.”

“There are a number of compelling reasons to like this unique and interesting film. Bertie Brosnan’s impressive, and knowing, performance as Con is one of those compelling reasons.”

“You’ll definitely get a better feel for the real personality of The Kingdom in Con.” – SCOTT LARSON

Bertie Brosnan

Bertie Brosnan

Writer/Producer/Director/Editor & Actor

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